Our Story

In 1968, two young friends, Vic Duhamel and Carl Dewar decided to start a business. They didn’t have much to start with, but agreed to share everything that came their way. Over the years, they sold products ranging from tires to RVs before realizing how much they loved helping people onto the water and into the boating lifestyle. That is when they decided that selling boats would become an important part of their business. There were two big issues that they found. Buying a boat was much too difficult, and there really wasn’t a boat designed for the Canadian environment.
In 1986, with the goal of simplifying the ownership experience and offering a boat designed by Canadians and built for Canadians, Legend Boats was born. Vic and Carl started by creating affordable and complete boat, motor and trailer packages and created a fully-priced catalogue so that pricing was easy for anyone interested in getting their family on the water. Then, they beefed up their boats with thicker aluminum and made full stand-up tops standard on most full windshield models to make sure every Legend boat could handle the rugged Canadian climate while keeping boaters safe and comfortable.
It wasn’t always easy, seven children and fifteen grandchildren later, Legend is proud to have the same owners and same focus on family values as it did 30 years ago when Vic and Carl decided to dedicate their lives to making it easier and more affordable to get on the water.

We can’t wait to welcome you to the Legend Family so that you can start creating your memories!

at Legend Boats


We focus on results, measure what matters and set clear goals that make the responsibility of providing that ultimate boating experience personal. Our rewards are measured in memories.

Focus on Value

We only offer features or services that offer a far greater perceived value to a customer than perceived cost.


We seek innovations and ideas that will enhance our customers’ experience through added features, increased functionality, or simpler operation. We are not discouraged by those who tell us it cannot be done, but motivated to prove them wrong.


We treat one another with respect and communicate openly. We treat everyone like family. We encourage the best ideas to surface from anywhere within the organization. We appreciate the value of multiple perspectives and diverse expertise.


We invest our money in things that really matter and we believe that frugality breeds resourcefulness, self-sufficiency and invention.


We believe that a good sense of humour is essential to success. We encourage people to have fun in the workplace, but never at the expense of productivity of customer satisfaction.


We believe in going out of our way to not only meet but exceed the expectations of everyone we deal with!

Did You Know?

Duhamel and Dewar in Whitefish is the Legend Boats Headquarters. Every Legend you see across Canada came right from our Shop.

Legend Boats has nearly 60 Dealers across Canada.

It was decided by a coin toss that Duhamel would go before Dewar in our name.

When Vic Duhamel and Carl Dewar were still in the tire business, they met Stompin’Tom Connors at a bar, where they got to talking and worked out a good trade. A new set of tires for Tom and a catchy jingle for TireTown, you may remember that one! ‘Listen to our ad’

While they were in the RV business, Duhamel and Dewar ran a campaign to fly people to Whitefish from all over Canada just to test drive their RVs. Naturally, people were skeptical that they would be forced to buy something, so Vic Duhamel and Carl Dewar picked the customers up from the airport and immediately handed them their reimbusement cheque for their flight, hotel and everything, just to put them at ease.

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